• Paint the town

  • Blow them sky high

  • Ruin the space time continuum

- The fluffiest time travel war game -

Featured at GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop

Coming in 2016 from Hazardous Software, creators of time bending strategy game Achron

Challenge your game skills through a combination of playfulness, strategy and time manipulation. Plosh Time Bomb incorporates Hazardous Software® Resequence Engine™ to provide time travel gameplay.

Single player and multiplayer modes are available, where players can jump to and play at different times simultaneously and independently. Plosh Time Bomb is a turn based combat strategy game in which you play as Plosh animal rag-dolls, maneuvering through a maze of blocks while planting paint bombs to paint your way to victory.

Compete with a friend in same screen multiplayer or with online opponents

Players can jump to and play at different times simultaneously, creating competitive time travel strategy

Paint bomb everything in sight to control the map

Use time travel tricks to change causality, bait, and surprise your opponents


On your turn, tell your plosh team members where to go and they will do their best to get there. By placing bombs around the map, players can paint the floor your team color. When the match ends, the player with the most paint wins!

Skip through time, assigning an action at a moment in time which has already been played out, or at a point on the timeline which hasn't yet been explored. Every match devolves into a duel of filthy time traveling tricks and brutal one-upsmanship!

There is no fate -

Be elusive

Use your bomb to knock your opponent out of the game, but it will only slow him down. He can change the past so that it never happened.

The buzzer beater -

Gotcha last

Paint the tiles at the future end of the match, when there is no time for anyone to paint over top of it.

Path baiting -

None shall pass

Blow open a path, only to unexplode it to block a passing plosh.

Stop it before it starts -

Like athletes foot

Manipulate the beginning of the match after the fact, potentially preventing an entire future course of events.

Ambush in time -


Watch for pivotal moments, and manipulate them when it will be most devastating.

Playing keepaway -

Make the path dangerous

Use bombs to zone opponents away from objectives.